Day 01  Delhi

Meet everyone on the tour after arriving in Delhi. Have some urban exploration meanwhile you Meet your tour mates in Delhi and hop on to explore the urban jungle with s crazy Rikshaw ride.

Day 02  Darjeeling

Get ready to start the adventure today. You’re going to Darjeeling! After flying to Bagdogra and driving to Darjeeling, you will be rewarded with the stunning vistas of the Himalayan mountains before you. The drive will take around 4-5 hours and it follows the famous Darjeeling toy train route which passes tea plantations and the Himalayas

Day 03  Darjeeling

Today we visit the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute for a day of getting to know the area better. There’s an interesting collection of Everest memorabilia, a zoo containing the majestic snow leopard and the adorable red panda, and you’ll even get to roam around the tea processing factory and plantations.

Day 04   Yuksom

We are now headed to Yuksom, which is about 6 hours away. On our way you’ll be captivated by the magical scenery of lush green jungles, more tea plantations, and getting a sneak peak at the heart of Sikkim. Tonight, we will have a good sleep at the last hotel before the great outdoors. (~7 hours, 135km)

Day 05  Bakhim

Get those trekking shoes on, it’s time to trek our way to Bakhim (3,100m). This area is 7 hours away, but you’ll hardly notice it. Your mind will be too busy enjoying the scenery! Deep valleys, exciting river crossings, and dense mixed forests of magnolia, orchids, rhododendron, and ferns. We will finish our first challenging trekking day with a good night sleep in Bakhim. (~12 hours, 7km)

Day 06  Phedang

Did you say you wanted more trekking? I sure hope so. Today we’re off to Phedang (3,650m), but don’t worry, it’s just 4 hours away. The trail is a bit steep today, but you’ll achieve some epic views through the forests of rhododendron to the alp of Phedang. If you’re here during the monsoon, your views will be vibrantly colored with flowers. Enjoy your night of camping before your adventurous trek tomorrow. (~7 hours, 5km)

Day 07  Dzongri

Today’s trek is about 4 hours and will include a climb through Mon Lepcha Pass and end with some super spectacular views of Pandim. We descend to open yak pastures of Dzongri (3,990m) which will be a scenic and serene spot to set up camp. We’ll stay here for two nights to refuel ourselves for our next journey. We’ll have a nice stroll to a holy Buddhist lake after lunch today as well. (~3 hours, 2km)

Day 08  Dzongri campsite

Today, we wake up refreshed and ready to continue our exploration in the magnificent region. We will climb the hill above our Dzongri campsite to enjoy the sunrise over Kanchenjunga (8,534m). The panoramic views of the other crazy high peaks (Kabru (7,353m), Ratong (6,678m), Pandim (6,691m) and Narsing (5,825m)) surrounding you and even sights of Nepal in the distance, will dazzle everyone on the trip. We’ll complete our circuit back to the Dzongri campsite in the direction of the HMI base camp and down into the valley.

Day 09 Lamuney

Leaving Dzongri, we can see the peak of Pandim over Prek Valley. As we make our way to Lamuney campsite, we can marvel the snowy mountain peaks and hanging glaciers. This is it! We are high up in the mountains, surrounded by snowy serenity. (~13 hours, 7km)

Day 10  Goecha La

Today’s 8 hour trek will take us to Goecha la (4,940m) and back to Thangsing. Behold, the gorgeous Lake Samiti. This turquoise gem glistens as the sun’s rays kiss it and will hopefully invigorate your step for our continued journey to the other magical locations set forth today. We’ll pass the sandy “lake” of Zemathang, and the polar opposite, a frozen lake adorned with snow and ice. More magical views of Kanchenjunga are in the distance as Tibetan flags wave in the wind in this area. The Pandim and Kabru spurs a depression and here we will have some unprecedented views of Talung Valley. We will camp and rest up at Thangsing tonight. (~18 hours, 8km)

Day 11  Tshoka

Today we leave Thangsing and trek through the Prek Chu River and around the jungle. We will arrive at Phidang again where we will begin our steep descent to Tshoka (3,050m) to spend the night camping. (~17 hours, 7km)

Day 12  Yuksom

Today you’re surrounded by rich green semi-tropical forests and you’re headed straight towards Yuksom (1,770m). Get ready for a well-deserved stay at a hotel tonight, no setting up camp today! Rest those feet, refresh, recoup, and mull over the exotic, incredible, and unforgettable journey you just had…And it’s not even over yet! (~14 hours, 7km)

Day 13  Kalimpong

Today we’re moving on again, but you won’t need to use those trekking shoes. We’re driving six hours to Kalimpong. Relax a bit more and take in the magnificent Himalayan foothill views that are before you. We’ll stay at a hotel tonight.

Day 14  Delhi

We’re driving to Bagdogra today to catch our flight back to Delhi. We’ll stay at a hotel in Delhi tonight

Day 15  Delhi

Today we will have a quick tour of early morning Delhi with an English-speaking guide, and than we’ll make our way to the airport. This is the end of our once-in-a-lifetime trip in India! While you might be a bit drained physically, we know your mind will still be dashing and darting around with thoughts and memories of this stellar trekking trip.