Expeditions, not tours

Explore authentic India

There’s more than one way to travel. The choice is always yours; you have the power to decide what your trip will look like.

Will it be a Tour or a Journey?

We do not deal with tours, sorry. Our goal is to take you on a journey, walk you off the beaten path and experience the real, AUTHENTIC India.

Don’t be shy; explore, own your path. The land is filled with hidden treasures for you to discover, you just have to know where to look.

To the edges of the Land, where others don’t dare go, where true adventure awaits, we will take you there.

Everything else we’ll leave for the tourists.

Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan

17 Days

Veer off the beaten track and into Rajasthan’s desert roads. Explore the legendary land of Maharajas on a 500 cc bullet.

Ladakh Motorcycle tour
15 days

Himalayan Lakes, mountains and valleys, all in one unforgettable ride

Manali to Leh on a Royal Enfield

19 days

Explore this region of Ladakh in all its glory: valleys, deserts, nomads and breathtaking lakes. All on your Royal Enfield

Surround Goa on a Royal Enfield

13 days

Combine beautiful beaches, relaxation, exploration, fantastic nature, and incredible food, and you end up with Goa and Karnataka! And what better way to experience it than on a Royal Enfield.

Spiti kinnuar circuit
17 Days

Ride the breathtaking valleys of Kinnaur and Spiti in Himachal Pardesh India. 17 days ride just near the skys. It’s not going to happen elsewhere.

Motorcycle tour in kerala
14 days

Ride through the tropical jungles towards Kerala’s lush tea plantations down to the colorful beaches of south India with 500 cc Royal Enfield bullet.

The Dodital Trek
13 days

Tucked away in the beautiful Himalayas, with the outstanding postcard-perfect like lake and trees. 13 Days of ultimate nature.

The Goecha La Trek

15 Day

Aren’t you tired of staring at beautiful scenery on your office computer? Come along to see the 3rd highest mountain in the world for real!

Rajasthan Desert Jeep Safari

13 Days

Glide over the sand dunes and around sand castles in Thar Desert

Shimla to Leh Jeep Safari

18 days

Grab the wheel and make your way up the winding Himalayan roads

 Explore Kullu Valley

17 Days

Celebrate Dussehra with locals, trek the Chandrakhani, get an Ayourvedic treat in the ancient capital of Himachal. Anything else?

The Babha Pass Trek

14 days

You can drive to Spiti Valley. You can catch a bus there as well. But if you want the spectacular way- cross the Babha pass by foot.

The Singalila Trek
15 days

 Join our 15 days expedition to Explore the majestic Singalila Range. You deserve to see the world from above

South India Culture Tour
17 Days

Come to Goa to soak up the amzing Indian culture: Temples, Food, Spices, Mehendi and Bollywood

Why choose India Travelz?

Helping local communities

Responsible and Sustainable travel

India is an incredible, amazing place. That’s a fact! One of the most intriguing places on earth, but it’s far from perfect. Most of the places we visit are in rural regions, which in many cases are economically challenged.

We in India travelz feel it is not only our duty, but our responsibility, to help the communities we visit in any way we can. If you choose to travel with us, you will also become an active participant in the struggle to improve the lives of the local people.

How, you ask? We don’t go for international chains. No chain hotels, no chain restaurants. Instead, we work with local English speaking professional travel guides who know the lay of the land and its secrets better than anyone. We take you to local restaurants, for an authentic culinary experience. We utilize local businesses for equipment, accommodation, etc. It is only with you that we can make this happen.

Friendships for life

This is how you obtain friends for life

Our travelers are sharing the same passions and interests. They like to go wild, to be active, and to live each second as if it’s their last!

Whether there are dusty roads ready for you to cruise along on a motorbike, gas peddles of a 4*4 jeep that need a good kicking, or a mountain that screams for a climbing, before trying to figure out constellations in the sky at night. This is what we are all about.

It doesn’t matter which country our travelers come from, what their ages or professions are – they all share the same passions.

This is how you obtain friends for life.

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