Knowing Hindi phrases can get you all over India

79+4 Essential Hindi phrases that every traveler must know

Traveling in India could be painful if you don’t have in your arsenal some knowledge of the local languages. If you think most Indians speak English you’er wrong. Most people in India do not speak English.

Knowing Hindi phrases can get you all over India

Even the Buddhist lamas in Ladakh speak fluent Hindi. Speaking Hindi can help you in most places in northern India

Be sure that at some point of your travel you’ll need to communicate with people who do not speak English. I’m highlighting the ‘need’ because this Hindi phrases kit is about the essentials. We don’t go too far with getting you deep into the Hindi Language, although we would love to!

What we do want to ensure is that you stay hungry because the food was too spicy.  Or you won’t be missing your train because you couldn’t figure out the directions, or getting a lousy room in your hotel, emergency situations – that sort of things.  Nothing more, and it’s a lot!

For further Hindi phrases and glossaries we’ll provide you some links to some resources further down the post.

We picked Hindi because it covers a lot of regions in India but we’ll get to other languages too.

In the meanwhile here’s why you should stick around and learn our Hindi essential tool Kit:

  1. You will have handy ready made phrases for any situation travelers face when the travel in India.
  2. You will easily pull the right things to say out of your tool kit because we made the phrases super easy to remember.
  3. You will immediately understand what the locals will be answering or telling you! Why? Because we made the phrases in a way that the reply will be short and sweet.
  4. And one more thing…you will get a lot of LOVE from the locals for your efforts and that alone can get very beneficial for you in unpredictable ways…

So let’s get started: 

Some Basic Hindi phrases 

What’s your name? aapka naam kya hai? 
My name is….. mera naam …………hai 
I’m fine thank you main thik hun 
How are you? Keise hein aap? 
Nice to meet you aapse milkar badi khushi hui
How’s your family ? aapke parivar keise hai
See you later phir milenge
Where are you from? aap kahan se hein?
I’m from…… mein …… hun
I don’t know mujhe pata nahin 
I don’t understand main nahin samjha/samjhi ( m/f ) 
What is the time? kitane baje hai
How is the weather there? Vahan ka mausam keisa hai? 

Finding the Way (orientation)

Can you tell me how to reach ……? Kya aap ……. ke jane ka rasta bata dijiye? 
Where is ………? ………….kahan hai? 
Where am I? main kahan hun 
What is the name of this place? Yahan ka naam kya hai?  / is jagah ka naam kya hai?
Can you show me where ……… is? Kya aap ………….  ka disha dikha dijiye? 
I’m lost main kho gaya/gai  hun ( m/f) 
Will you come with me? aap mere sath chalein? 
Which road goes to ………. kaunsa rasta ………. jata hai

 In The Restaurant (with special column for keywords)

We want to order (food ) hum khana maangna chate hein
We are hungry Humein  bhook lagi hai
We are thirsty hamein  pyas lagi hai
Can we get the menu? menu de do
Is it spicy? Kya yeh mirch masala vala hai?
We do not eat spicy mirchi walla khana nahin kha sakte hein
Would you recommend? kya acha hoga?
I’ll have ………. mujhe ………. de do
The food is great Khana badiya hai
I didn’t like the food khana achcha nahin laga
Bring us the bill bill de do
There’s a mistake in the bill Bill me ek galat hai
We haven’t ordered ……. Yeh ……..hamne nahin liya

 Some keywords for this section

Bottle / Botal Bowl  /  katori Breakfast / nashta Dinner / rat ka khana lunch / din ka khana
Sweets / motaa Fork / kanta Knife / chaku Spoon / chamach Plate / plet
Salt / namak Suger / chini Rice /chaval Vegetarian /  shakahrai None Veg /mansahari

Health Issues and Emergencies

I’m having a headache Mere sir me dard hai
I’m having a stomach ache mere peth me dard hai
Do you have something for the stomach kya aap ke pass pet ke liye kuch hai?
I need something (medicine/ pill)   for my stomach mujhe peth ke liye koi davai chaahiye
I’m not feeling well Meri tabyat kharab hai
I’m cold mujhe bukhar hai
Please call the doctor Doctor bulaaye
Where is the nearest hospital? Yahan ke sab se nasdik hospital kidhar hai?
Help me mujhe madad chahiye
Call the police! Police ko bulao!
I lost my luggage Main apna saman kho gya


How much it cost? yeh kitana ka hai? 
Please give us a discount discount  karo
This is to expensive yeh bahut mehenga hai
Can you show me that yeh dikha do 
I like that acha laga
I don’t like that acha nahin laga
Do you have any other? Iske alava kuch aur hai? 
Do you have… Kya aap ke paas….hai
I’m Just looking sirf dekhna aaya/ aai  hun  (m/f)
I’d like to buy…… muj…..chahiye 
I’ll be back main vapas aaunga/ aaungi  (m/f) 
I’ll think about it iske bare me soch lunga/lungi (m/f) 


Here are some keywords for this section:

Market   /  bazaar Shop   /  dukan Money  /   paisa Change /  change Cloths   / kapde Shirt  /    kamiz
Trousers  /  patloon Skirt /   skrit Black   /kala/ kali  ( m/f) White  / safed White  / safed Red  /  lal

 In the Hotel

How much is for a night? Ek Rat ke liye kitna ka hai?
This is too expensive yeh bahut mehenga hai
Please give us a discount Thoda discount karo
We are going to stay here for …. nights hum yahan par…… rukenge
Where is the best restaurant in the area? Yahan ke aas paas sab se achi restaurant kahan hai?
Where can I find internet? Internet khan milta hai
The room isn’t clean kamra saaf nahin hai
The room is too small kamra zyada chota hai
Do you have a room service room service hai
Are you receptionists are here all time? Kya aap log din-raat yahi par hein
Do you have a safety box in the hotel? hotel me safe box hai?
Which floor is the room kamra kounsi manzil par hai?
Do you have rooms available? Aapke paas koi kamre hein?
Is there hot water? Kya garam pani chalta rehata hai?
Is there room with balcony? kya aapke pass ek kamera jisme balcony hai?
Can you wake us up in …. o’clock kya aap hamein ….baje jagah sakte hein?


Where is the train to……? …….wali kahan hai   e.g. Delhi wali kahan hai?
On which platform is the train to ……..? …….wali  kounsa platform ka hai?
What time is the train departs? Train kab nikalti hai?/ Kitne baje jati hai?
How long will it be delayed? Us-se kitni der hui hai
What time is it reaching? Kab aaegi?
Kab aaegi? ticket kharidna kahan par milti hai?
This is my seat yeh meri sit hai
How long is the trip to ……. …….tak kitana samay lagta hai?


Other free resources for basic Hindi phrases:


That’s it.

Do you think that we might have forgotten something important? Add to the comment box below more phrases that may be helpful for travelers and we’ll hook them in!

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