Day 1  Delhi

This really is a nice, relaxing start to our trek. Come on over to the buzzing, popping Delhi and arrive when you please. Not too late though, as we would like to have an evening introduction and meeting with the guide. Also it’s just a really great to meet everyone involved and to get all friendly and what not! So relax, enjoy, and as we always say, get a good night kips!

Day 2  Rishikesh

Distance: 266km estimated time: 5 hours

Hoping you all rested up pretty well, we shall be boarding the Shatabdi Express for Haridwar bright at early at 6am and the journey takes about 5 ½ hours. Haridwar is one of the seven holy cities of Hinduism, so this really is an incredibly sacred and moving city. Legend has it that Vishnu’s footprint was found on the bank of the holy river Ganges, giving it its sanctity. We have all day to explore, so make sure you walk hand in hand with the holy river Ganges that is situated at the base of the Shivalik Hills, where you will spot many people offering prayers and taking a dip. We recommend a hotel stay in the Divine Resort – Rishikesh

Day 3  Uttarkashi

Distance: 145km Estimated time: 4½ hours

Fortunate for you guys we will spend the morning in Haridwar and then take an afternoon drive to Uttarkashi along the narrow Ganga and Bhagirathi Valleys. This road goes past the sacred confluence of The Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers at Devprayag where there is a Lord Rama temple called the RaghunathMandir visited by the great Hindu philosopher – AdiShankaracharya in 300CE. So there are many interesting views on the way for sure! Uttarkashi is a beautifully green and picturesque town located in the widespread Bhagirati valley, and has been a centre for learning and religion for quite some time.

There are many amazingly famous temples here including the famous Vishwanath temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. After our short journey and day of exploring all the different temples, we shall be resting up in a hotel over night before tomorrow’s trek.

Day 4  Manjhi Camp site

Distance: 14km trekking  Estimated time: ½ hour drive to the start point and a day of trekking

So, we set out for Sangam Chatti after breakfast, which will only take 30 minutes to get to. This will be the starting point of the trek, from Sangam Chatti the trail is well marked and climbs to the right of the valley and continues to the village of Agoda. From this point, it is a 2 km trek to the settlement at Bhebra – an idyllic village set near a gushing mountain stream, and full of green fields growing potatoes, beans and the famous Rajma. There is a slight incline as the final push towards Manjhi village is set on the thickly wooded mountainside. Feel free to crawl inside your sleeping bag to relax those aching muscles and enjoy a nice hot cuppa. We shall be having dinner and overnight stay in the tents tonight under the stars.

Day 5  Dodital

Distance: 5km Estimated time: 3 hours

Ascending a zigzagging path and gaining altitude slowly, the gradual climb to Dodital is a little bit milder than the previous day’s backbreaking climb. The pain may be getting less noticeable today, however the views become greater and greater, with every step you take. The trail becomes very spectacular, as the mountain transforms into a vertical cliff face, and the Asi Ganga looks like a thin thread snaking through its course in the valley below. The vertical drop of more than a thousand feet presents an unforgettable sight. Tonight we will spend the night camping again, out in the open, freshwater lake that fragrance the air. Another night beneath the stars. Don’t you wish you could always live so free?

Day 6  Dodital                                                                                                                          

We have a gorgeous free day today to enjoy and soak up the beauty and tranquility of the Lake and surrounding dense forest. The scenic beauty of Dodital can compel any nature lover to camp here for days together, the lake, the surrounding pine forest, the towering Dayara Bugyal on one side and the valley on the other is serene and enticing. The ideal location for a spot of meditation!

The lake is surrounded on three sides by forests and steep mountainsides, with an opening towards the Asiganga valley, with a glorious view of the Dayara Bugyal area, across the valley. According to another one of India’s famous and mysterious legends, Lord Ganesha chose this place as his abode. There is also a temple devoted to Lord Ganesha here, so make sure you check it out! Not only this, but this was supposedly the lake where Goddess Parvati used to bathe, and Ganesha was beheaded by the Lord Shiva in a fit of anger. Reflect on your day whilst we spend the night snuggled up at camp with dinner.

 Day 7  Darwa 

Distance: 10 k estimated time: 4 hours

Now, this is an optional trek! So if you feel like you haven’t had enough lake-chilling time, then you can pass on the trek and sit and enjoy your surroundings, sipping tea, catching up with the local tales, walking around the lake sighting birds or just observing the clear waters of the lake with the trout making an occasional appearance.  If you are up for burning off some energy, and pumping those legs into the ground, then we are leaving early in the morning with packed breakfasts!

The walk is 5km around 2-3 hours, and it is a pass at a height of 4150 meters. The entire walk is an uphill climb, does that sound like your cup of tea? After we absorb the breathtaking views, we start the downhill walk to reach the campsite for the hot lunch. After a day of short yet strenuous trekking, and untangling your minds by the lake, we shall we enjoying a gorgeous dinner and overnight stay in Dodital again, before leaving tomorrow!

Day 8  Agoda

Distance: 17 k Estimated time: 5 hours

After a nice filling breakfast, we start trekking down until we reach Agoda, with a swift descent of 17k, retracing the same path back, but this time without the sweat or pain! We shall be checking out the beautiful little village on the way down, and then be spending the night here in Agoda camping once more under the open night’s sky!

Day 9  Rishikesh

Distance: 4 k trekking/145k driving

After breakfast today, we will be trekking to Sangamchatti, and then driving down to Rishikesh, which is 140km away. Which I suppose is quite nice for you guys, just to lean back and enjoy the ride while gazing out the window. When we arrive at Rishikesh, we want to get you checking into hotels so you can enjoy your free evening in peace! We would recommend the hotel Divine Resort – Rishikesh. Why not visit the Ganga riverbank for the spectacular and moving Aarti- spectacle of sights, sounds and chanting in the evening? If you haven’t noticed already by walking around, Rishikesh is well known for its scenic beauty and the spiritual experience.

Day 10  Rishikesh 

This day again is really your own.  Depending on what kind of person you are, Rishikesh has it all. You want some adrenaline, how about some white water rafting or bungee jumping? Do you want some peace, calm, and serenity, how about some yoga or Pilates? Want to learn something new, try some cooking classes! Whatever you want, it’s yours. If you want to sit at the hotel and admire the view all day long, hey you can even do that too! As long as there is a smile on your face, you are doing it right.

Day 11  Delhi

Distance: 266k Train Estimated time: 5 hours

So, we are here in Capital Delhi! Let’s chuck our bags into the hotels, and get ourselves down to Old Delhi, where we will visit the Spice Market, Khari Boali, the largest spice market in Asia! A visual festival, an explosion of color and smells. From there we’ll move on to the impressive 17th century Jama Masjid via Chandni Chowk. If you are all feeling peck-ish lets grab something to eat at the nearby Karim restaurant. Did we mention the 9 secret houses of Naughra ? Not to worry, we will expose all on the day!

Day 12  Delhi

Ok, so if you felt like you didn’t have enough time in Delhi yesterday, we have a whole new day! First, like always, we start with some wonderful breakfast.  After this, we will start by exploring the incredible architectural masterpiece that is the Jantar Mantar, a giant playground made of Taracotta! From there we’ll head on to the Qutb Minar a mighty, awesome tower of victory, which closely resembles similar Afghan towers, and was also used as a minaret. Muslim sultan Qutb-uddin began its construction in 1193, immediately after the defeat of the last Hindu kingdom in Delhi. It’s nearly 73m high and tapers from a 15m-diameter base to a mere 2.5m at the top. You can’t leave Delhi without seeing this…

Get some free time for shopping and just to chill out before our night party to say goodbye!

Day 13  Home from Delhi or onto next destination

As always, it is a sad farewell. We experience these trips for a reason, to bring us all together and to explore certain parts of the world that we have not explored before, learning new things on the way. If a lifetime reminder of this time is not enough for you, we will be here awaiting your next trip with us!