Kullu valley India digging in

Opening Up the Secrets of Kullu Valley India

Here you are. You’ve just arrived at Kullu valley, India. You’re all geared up to explore the Valley. You even decided that you want to do things differently  this time… So, imagine yourself coming to the hotel desk and asking the receptionist for some interesting things you can do and see while you’re around. Here’s what the guy at the desk (a receptionist, dressed up in a 3 piece suit with his name badge pinned to the lapel) would tell you: “We’ve got a special cultural Read More →
Kullu Valley is one of India's best travel offers

Explore Kullu Valley- The Authentic Way (And Take a Small Literary Detour)!

Here's an unfortunate fact for you : During your next visit to India, Kullu Valley might be your greatest miss. You may head back home after passing through it without even knowing you've just missed the best traveling experience India can offer. Now, there're two reasons why you're going to cross paths with Kullu Valley (if you’re planning a trip to India between April – October) One being that Kullu is the main gateway to Ladakh and to Spiti Lahol. The second is that you've been advised Read More →
Pangaun Monastery Kullu

The Beauty Which Guidebooks Often Miss – Pangaun Monastery

Here’s a question for you: If I would tell you about a place to visit which is not mentioned in the Lonely Planet or any other guide book, would you consider it not worthy? I met a guy few days ago who answered YES. This post is for those who would answer NO.  It might be easy to say ‘no’ right now when you’re sitting in front of the computer but when you’re out there, on the road it’s getting tougher.  Why? Because we all want to play it safe. Your holiday clock is Read More →
The Chandrakhani trek

Explore The Indian Himalayas With The Super Easy Chandrakhani Trek

One of Bart Simpson's best rules is: “If it’s too hard doing it, it simply ain’t worth it” I’m a big Bart Simpson fan; therefore, I tend to carefully check what I should or shouldn’t do, based on this very specific guideline. And when it comes to outdoors activities, such as trekking, I become much more strict about enforcing this rule. Now, picture yourself standing atop a soaring Himalayan mountain. You are surrounded on all sides by monstrous mountain chains. From where you Read More →
The Jana waterfalls story

The Incredible Story of The Jana Waterfalls: From Zero to 150,000 Tourists Annually

If you’d ask me why I love travelling,I would say it’s because I am crazy about the stories. Travelling allows us to be exposed to stories all the time. Eventually, when we look back at the colorful mosaic of our journeys, the story is what holds all the pieces together.  It is the glue. A story is a medium of communication and engagement with the local culture. It makes you listen. It reminds you that what you see are real people with real voices. In other words,they’re not just objects Read More →
Here's what they don't want you to know before travelling to India

5 Things to Know Before You Travel to India (But No One Will Tell You)

Here are 5 Things You Should Know But No One Will Tell You Before You Travel To India The truth must be said. There are some dark secrets within every industry that very few are willing to reveal. Why? Because it’s bad for the business.Also, in the tourist industry in India, there are some things that travel agents prefer not to get into details of. It’s not about lying or deceiving (at least we hope so), but it’s about providing disinformation or ambiguous information that Read More →
Hadimba temple manali

Blood Offerings, The 2013 Version- Hadimba Temple Manali

For many of us India, presents overwhelmingly visual impressions. It is beautiful, colorful and sensuous; captivating, intriguing and puzzling. My last visit to Hadimba temple in Manali had it all. I witnessed a unique Hindu ritual that has been under controversy even within Indian society for ages. This rite is not exclusive to this region. You may see it throughout India, but it was the first time for me. Reading this post, you’ll learn of some of most common elements included in Read More →

History and Geography of the Spiti Valley India

Spiti, originally pronounced "Piti", means "The Middle Land", reflective of its position between Tibet and India.  The Spiti Valley is a desert mountain valley nestled in the Indian Himalayas. It borders Tibet, Nepal and Pakistan and constitutes the north-eastern part of the Himachal Pradesh Indian state. The capital, Kaza, is situated along the Spiti River at an elevation of about 12,500 feet (3,800 m) above mean sea level.   The diversity of this area can be seen in the dialects Read More →
A perfect background for a masterpiece

8 Filming Locations in India That Will Make Your Travel Glamorous

It was exactly 100 years ago this week that Dadasaheb Phalke released his first film Raja Harishchandra. This was not only Phalke’s first film, but it was the first film in India to hit the big screens. Who would have thought that this film would give birth to what would become the world’s largest film industry? When you go to a theater in India to see a movie, you can’t help but be absorbed in the vibrant and lively vibe in the building. The energy flows inside the theater is different Read More →
Knowing Hindi phrases can get you all over India

79+4 Essential Hindi phrases that every traveler must know

Traveling in India could be painful if you don’t have in your arsenal some knowledge of the local languages. If you think most Indians speak English you'er wrong. Most people in India do not speak English. Be sure that at some point of your travel you’ll need to communicate with people who do not speak English. I’m highlighting the ‘need’ because this Hindi phrases kit is about the essentials. We don’t go too far with getting you deep into the Hindi Language, although we would Read More →