Day 1  Delhi 

You shall all be arriving independently at Delhi, and checking into the hotel. You are free to explore the city in the day before an evening welcome meeting.

 Day 2  Shimla

Here at Shimla (the old hill station) we’ll get the permits to our trek but not before we grab a cup of coffee in the famous coffee shop at the Shimla mall. We’ll visit the Hanuman temple and explore Shimla bazzar. Tomorrow we’re heading to Sarahan.

Day 3  Sarahan

Today we drive to Sarahan, a picturesque village located 175km northwest of Shimla (capital of Himachal Pradesh). The interesting Bhimakali Tempel, built in the Indo-Tibetan style, is definitely worth visiting. It has shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Raghunath and Lord Narasimha and it also has a small, appealing museum to explore.

Day 4  Kafnoo  

After breakfast we’ll kick off to the majestic Kinnaur valley. We’ll go down towards Sutlaj River and follow it until the small village of Kafnoo our starting point. Tomorrow is D day, the beggining of our glorious expedition (~ 7 hours Drive).

Day 5  Mulling  

Leaving at 9am on the dot after stocking up on breakfast and energy, we start our trek! Make sure your trekking boots are fastened tight as we start off with a few hours of steep climbing. Our campsite is based in a picturesque meadow on the banks of the River Bhaba. When you leave the forest, you face a huge rock. This isn’t just an ordinary rock with any history attached to it. In fact it has history, and it has story! So make sure you ask for the story regarding the ‘man that transformed into a rock’. Guaranteed it’s the first story you have heard about man-rocks that’s for sure! (14km, ~5-6 hours walk).

Day 6  Khara  

With yet another 9am start, we will be dragging our lovely self’s gradually uphill along the river. However, for all you people filled with bundles of energy, our moderate uphill walk, will transform into a short sharp climb! This trail then safely returns to a flat walk and the view of the wonderful mountain ranges will soon again arise and pop into view. Make sure you check out the nearby pond, we cant guarantee anything magic will happen down there, but the moons reflection in the pond is something along the lines of magical if we do say so ourselves (6km, ~3-4 hours walk).

Day 7  Pushtring (Bhaba Pass base camp)

While we plant our footsteps all over the deodar forest, we cover a distance of 18km. Whilst walking through this forest we will feel as though we are in our world of our own, a world of nothing but the purity of nature and all the sounds it creates.  Our next distance covered will be around 20km, while we cross the Bhaba Kanda pass, which joins the pin valley. Make sure your cameras are fully charged and loaded, as you are going to want pictures of this Valley. Of course, you are also going to want a few snaps of the glacier crossing (9km, ~5-6 hours walk).

Day 8  Balder  

Hoping you have all had an early night, we arise at 6am this morning, bright and early, ready to get stomping away on that luscious earth of ours. The first 3 hours are a steep climb to the top of Bhaba Pass at an altitude of 4865m. After this high and mighty height we reach, the trek continues happily into the Spiti Valley. We camp here at Bolder/camps. Now, climbing the Bhaba pass is not an easy mission, as the first section is covered in rock with a path that leads to the first hill. After the next two hours you will keep gaining altitude, and you will be finding it harder and harder to breathe. Then comes the ice and snow.. We didn’t say it was going to be easy, but we also haven’t mentioned yet that it would be 110% worth it! (16km, ~9-10 hours walk).

Day 9 Mud 

Back to the normal 9am start, we are kicking off with our last day trek after breakfast, and so the trek continues towards Mud. We will stay overnight here in Mud, the village of forty families. After a couple of hours of some lovely flat grounds, we will come across some tree sapling planting activities being undertaken by the Himachal Horticulture Department (11km, ~4-5 hours walk).

Day 10  Kaza 

That’s it. Well done, and feel free to give yourself a good old pat on the back!  We’re hoping you’ve enjoyed one of the best treks in the Himalayas. You have just walked in the Yak shepherd’s paths and ancient warriors who have come from the inner main land to the hidden valley of Spiti. Enjoy the sweet chai (tea) in the mud village and get those bags packed and ready because the jeeps are coming to take us to stunningly scenic Kaza the capital of Spiti valley. On the road don’t miss out the geological showcase Mother Nature arranged for us. Impressive walls and cliffs tell the memorable stories of the creation of the Himalayan ridge (~3.5 hours drive).

Day 11  Kaza

Today, there’s no walking. So rest up those legs and take a breather. Those who’d like to join us to see some of the villages in the upper ridge, hop on ours jeeps, and brace yourselves, as we’ll visit Lang Dzu and two grand villages. We will also be visiting a local home so you’ll get a feeling of what it means to actually live up on the mountains. From there we’ll head on the see Danker castle that was the old capital of Spiti. Outstanding views… Check!

Day 12  Manali

We have a day ride ahead of us. Try not to sleep the whole time as there are amazing views on the way – this will be one drive you will never forget. We’ll be crossing rivers, streams, Yak meadows and mountain passes, small chai shops on the way and hardcore Indian dhabas (a local restaurant) (~12 hours drive).

After this we will be the alpine territory to go down to the foothills of the Himalayas back to civilization. When evening sweeps over us, lets all rest up and relax with a cold beer in Manali.

Day 13  Manali

Relax. This is today’s highlighted word, and Manali is the perfect location for relaxation. Beautiful and rich in culture, Manali is a historic hill station, displaying a mixture of Indian lifestyle with old English architecture. Manali is also the gathering point of many weary travelers such yourself, functioning as the jumping point or end-of-the-route, depends where you’re coming from. If you still got some hunger for exploration left, you can visit the old town of Manali, or the unique national park.

Day 14  Fly to Delhi

After you had some time to recuperate from our wonderful yet strenuous trek, unfortunately it is time to say goodbye, and head back to Delhi.

Day 15  Fly home

Flight back home or to your next destination.