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Speaking Hindi in India, do Locals like it?

Speaking Hindi in India, do Locals like it? We get this question quite a lot recently so we decided to address within this blog post. Phrasing the question in this way is actually to assume that all the ‘locals’ that is Indian people hold the same standpoint about their identity. Language is, as you know, […]

Best time to visit India

The Indian subcontinent has an extremely varied climate; therefore, the best time to visit India actually depends greatly on what places you plan to travel to, each with its own unique weather conditions. The most influential feature of India’s climate is the Monsoon. The monsoon hits the southwest coast of Kerala and moves northward for […]

A Simple Guide for Backpacking in India

 General notes about backpacking across india India is a haven for backpackers.While backpacking through india you can practically travel for months, without spending much money or running out of places to see and things to do. It is great for backpackers because you have  many places where you can stay for long periods of time and you […]

Tips For Safe Travel in India

Due to last Friday’s shocking gang rape of a Swiss woman at Madhya Pradesh, we decided to publish a post dedicated to some essentials regarding safety precautions, especially for female travelers in India. First and foremost:   It is true that traveling with a certain amount of suspicious at all times is not altogether enjoyable; it […]