Let go

Grab onto the side of a mountain or the handle of your ride, plunge yourself into the cold water of the sea, swimming deeper and deeper into the blue.

The world needs exploring

We want to make sure you won’t miss out on a single inch of it.

Our values

Reach remarkable unseen territories, and strive to leave behind everything we know to discover the extraordinary, the unexplored.

Extensively planned expeditions

Expeditions that entail deeply connecting endless pieces into a beautifully mixed mosaic

Artistically constructing the perfect path chosen just for you. Where magic is created, where dreams are projected into real life, where you finally start living.

Perform with utmost passion

Allow this fire to drive you, push you forward. Stride on the path of self-discovery, on to exploring new territories. Feel alive, every single day.

How it all strated

India Travelz was born in 2012, after travelling in India for over 10 years, providing unforgettable geographical tours.

The decision to give birth to our own business was generated by the fumes of our passion and love for India, and deep motivation to find thrills on one of the Himalayan peaks.

We realized that the key component to creating extreme, unforgettable expeditions was missing in all travel agencies and tour operators that were already available.

It was the spark of creativity. You as explorers deserve more, and we are determined to always deliver in bundles of wonder.

Rekindle the voyager within you

Skip the all-too-known crowded touristic spots and seek to invent your own path on the off beaten, undiscovered roads.

Become a nomad, and wonder the land of endless color.

Our team

Raviv Roimisher


For me, travelling is a way of life, and travelling in India is the icing on the cake. For the past several years I have been researching Indian culture and history, focusing on political philosophy.

Oriel Benzvi

Operational manager

After nearly a decade of travelling around the world, in which I visited almost every continent, I realized where my heart belongs. India is where I spent almost half of my time, and truly got to know myself.

Param Kumar

Field Operations Manager

Param left the high-tech industry to follow his heart – that is, to travel. He’s a real travel junkie! We have worked with Param since we were running jeep safaris in the Himalaya as guides.


Chief Road Captain 

Growing up in the Himalayas and having worked with tourists since 1993, brought me to this life of leading adventurers to witness the real India


Ground Services Manager

I fell in love with Vinod and with India, and since then my life is synonymous with adventure and traveling. Speaking Dutch, French, German and English gives me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful travelers

Our expeditions

Are you ready to join an unforgettable adventure?

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