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India has been our huge playground for the past 12 years. Crossing the subcontinent from North to South – Leh to Kaniya-Kumari, from East to West. Nepal to Rajasthan, all on a Enfeild Motorcyle, more than 5 times! We have also lead Geo expeditions to India for years!

All treks the Indian Himalayas have to offer, we have covered all on foot. From Ladakh, Uttar Anchal to Sikkim and Darjeeling.

While other adventure companies grab hold off many varied destinations in the world, we have never left India, its our pride and joy! This is what we know, this is what we do best.

Explore India Your Way

From atop a motorcycle to trekking the less trodden path, journey through India’s unparalleled diversity however you’d prefer

What our explorers are saying

“Hard to put into words!”

“My India Travelz adventure is hard to capture on paper. Experiencing the sights and sounds of India in such an intimate way was something that I’ll treasure forever! The guides are incredibly knowledgeable, and it felt as though the group was a family from the very start. I can’t thank Raviv and the team enough – I had the time of my life!”

Lauren Clark

“A life-changing experience”

“I booked a trek through the Himalayas on a whim as a birthday gift to myself, and India Travelz made sure it was the best birthday I’ve ever had! The guides didn’t follow the normal tourist paths, so it felt like we had the Himalayas all to ourselves! Getting to mingle with the locals was incredible – it is a truly immersive experience. Thank you so much!!”

Matt Lang

Ignite your passion for adventure

Awaken Your Inner Explorer

Expeditions – Not Tours

Instead of following the well-trodden path, create your own. Enter into a world off-the-grid, where the moment is there to be lived in, cherished, enjoyed

We deeply care about what we do. It is a never-ending journey of exploration, education and self-improvement, by keeping our eyes, mind, and soul wide open. We want you to see India through local eyes and trade in the ordinary, for the extraordinary

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